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Fact: Jimmy Piersall celebrated his 100th home run by running the bases backwards.

Jimmy Piersall was eccentric, to say the least; his life became the basis for the book & movie Fear Strikes Out, which chronicles his battle with bipolar disorder.

Some of Piersall's stunts include walking up to bat wearing a Beatles wig, talking to the monument of Babe Ruth at Yankee Stadium, and climbing a grandstand roof to heckle an umpire.

The grandaddy of all his stunts occurred while playing for the Mets; in the fifth inning of a game against the Phillies, Piersall hit the 100th home run of his career, and promptly ran the bases in the correct order...just facing backwards.

Needless to say, Mets manager Casey Stengel was not amused; Piersall was quickly given the pink slip.

Fact: Bobby Richardson won the World Series MVP for a losing team.
The team he played for was the Yankees in the historic 1960 World Series. Coming off a down year the Yankees chewed up the league, and going into the World Series against the Pirates; people had already given the Yanks another title.

It was not meant to be, as we all know the script: Bill Mazeroski hit a home run to win it for the Pirates and pull off a major upset. Richardson stole the show, however; batting .367, driving in 12 and hitting a grand slam.

Richardson is the only player to win an MVP on the World Series runner-up.
Fact: Gaylord Perry hit a home run after his manager said they'd put a man on the moon first.

Debuting in 1962, Perry played in an era where pitchers weren't only expected to pitch but hit as well.

Talking to reporters over his pitcher's inability to hit, San Francisco Giants manager Alvin Dark joked "They'll put a man on the moon before Gaylord Perry hits a home run."

During a game on July 20, 1969; a mere 20 minutes after Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, Perry stepped up to bat and hit his first career home run.

Fact: Clarence Blethen injured himself with his false teeth.

Fact: The Minnesota Twins turned two triple plays in the same game.

On July 17, 1990, the Twins entered the history books when they turned the ultimate rally killer twice!

Playing the Red Sox, the first triple-dip occurred in the bottom of the fourth inning, and they did it again in the bottom of the eighth.

Incredibly, they both occurred in the same fashion of 3B-2B-1B; even more incredibly, the Twins manged to lose the game!

The next day, the Twins and Red Sox set, even more, history: they combined for a double plays ever, a game the Twins also managed to lose.

In 1923, Clarence Blethen was a rookie pitcher for the Red Sox; he also happened to wear false teeth. When he was pitching, Clarence thought that he would look meaner if he took his teeth out, which he would place in his back pocket.

Running the bases one day, Clarence forgot about his false teeth in his pocket. As he went to steal second, his teeth clamped down, thus making Clarence Blethen the only man to be injured by biting himself in the butt.

Fact: The Dodgers and Cubs once traded their entire minor-league teams.
Late in the 1957 season, the Dodgers were getting ready to move out west (unknown to their fans), and the Cubs were going nowhere (as usual).

Each team deciding they needed some new blood down on the farm (plus the Cubs farm team was already in Los Angeles), traded not one, two, or even three players, but the entire 25-man roster.

While it certainly wasn't the strangest trade ever, it took the title for the biggest!

Fact: Joel Youngblood recorded a hit for two different teams in two different cities on the same day
Joel Youngblood was a center fielder for the Mets; in 1982, they were playing the Cubs in Chicago, Youngblood struck out his first at-bat but knocked a single his next.

After the Cubbies had retired the Mets in the top of the inning, Youngblood was informed he was traded to the Expos (now defunct), he arrived in Philadelphia (where the Expos were playing the Phillies) mid-way through the game.

Coming in as a pinch hitter, Youngblood recorded his second hit of a very long day!